How to Navigate Fitness Gift Giving

How to Navigate Fitness Gift Giving

There are a lot of questions that pop up during the holiday season, especially concerning gift-giving. One of the big ones in our industry is, “Is it okay to give fitness equipment as a gift?” It’s a tricky question. Some people will say that you should never do it, but what if your partner has been eyeing fancy exercise bikes and you’d like to surprise them with one? Surely that’s okay, right? What’s wrong with buying someone something you know that they want?

The reasons against buying fitness equipment for other people are all variations on the idea that the gift could be perceived as insulting. And understandably so. There are absolutely circumstances under which giving unsolicited exercise equipment can seem rude. But there are some cases where we think it’s okay.


Gift-giving etiquette applies whether you’re looking at big-ticket items like exercise bikes or something smaller like new running shoes.


Think about the recipient.

Although a gift should express how much you value and appreciate the other person, the gift itself is for the other person. You want to ensure that you are giving them something that they will like, not something that you like. For example, if you are really into running but your partner isn’t, buying them new sneakers or a pedometer isn’t suddenly going to change their mind.


It’s okay to ask.

It might be more fun to surprise someone with a gift, but an unwelcome surprise will ruin your holiday. And if the gift was something expensive that just increases the discomfort. If you want to get someone fitness equipment as a holiday gift, just ask them first! There’s no need to make a big thing of it. A simple, “Hey, I saw that you were looking at exercise bikes online. Is that something you would like as a gift?” is enough.


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