It’s National Physical Therapy Month!

It’s National Physical Therapy Month!

It’s October, and with the grand opening of our store, we want to recognize National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM). The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy (PT) and how these programs can help combat the opioid epidemic sweeping the nation.

As a gym store focused on the health and wellness of residents in Maine and across the country, talking about the effective treatment options for managing pain aside from prescription drugs is critical. Physical therapy utilizes a number of exercise machines, including bikes and ellipticals. Maine residents who contemplate the need for PT should consider it for these many incredible benefits:

      Minimizes or eliminates pain

      Ideal for preventing or recovery from an exercise injury

      Increases mobility

      Improves function after stroke

      Can be an excellent alternative to surgery

      Helps to heal after a surgery

      Supports overall balance and prevents falls

      Can assist with managing conditions, diseases, or age-related issues

PT is an excellent way to improve your health, but it is also essential to bring your exercises back home to practice and keep up with your specific therapy schedule. Staying consistent with your Physical Therapist’s requests will only provide you more time and opportunity to see advances made in your body.

Equipment Fitness Maine understands the importance of physical therapy and what it can bring to anyone’s life who is looking to improve their health. We believe so much in these programs that we provide access to a Physical Therapist to our customers by appointment to assist in choosing gym equipment and exercises that support their needs and goals.

With more questions about our Physical Therapist or how our experienced team can help you make the most informed decision about your gym equipment, contact us in Portland Maine today by calling (207) 536-1160.