Why October is the Month to Get In Shape

Why October is the Month to Get In Shape

Summer is the season for having fun with your friends. Chances are you spent a lot of time in the spring preparing your bathing suit body for fun in the sun. That’s typically how it goes. People take their exercise routine seriously in January for New Year resolutions, and then they abandon it until April when the weather brightens. By the end of summer, the weather has chilled, and working out isn’t your primary priority anymore. Here are a few reasons you should hit the ellipticals and get back into working out during October:


There is never a good time to let your health slide. October is as good a time as any to make your physical well-being a priority. Exercising stretches your body and increases muscle mass. Utilizing exercise equipment such as ellipticals can help optimize your workout and your health. The cardio you get from ellipticals helps the respiratory system and helps burn fat.


October means Halloween. Some people don’t even care about the first thirty days of the month because they’re so fixated on what to dress up as for Halloween. By keeping on top of your workout, you can increase your possibilities for costumes. Store bought costumes often come in a one size fits all mentality. While that isn’t always true, working out is the best way to ensure that one size fits you.


The winter is coming at you faster than you anticipate. The day after Halloween is November which brings Thanksgiving. Christmas will follow not too far behind. While many mammals use the winter to hibernate, that isn’t healthy for humans. Exercise helps you fight off the added weight that comes with family holidays and helps you stay motivated in the winter.

Using exercise equipment such as ellipticals and weight machines can make working out easier and more efficient. Don’t let your health slide this October. If only to fit into the Halloween costume of your dreams, you should start working out this month. For exercise equipment near you, contact Fitness Equipment Maine at 207-536-1160 or visit them online!