Finding the Time to Exercise

Finding the Time to Exercise

School, work, family, friends, errands, responsibilities, etc., etc. etc. There are so many aspects of your life fighting for dominance that self-care gets put on the backburner for too many people. With only twenty-four hours in a day, and sleep taking up a good portion of it if you’re lucky, finding the time to exercise gets tricky. Still, it’s worth the effort. Living an active lifestyle and putting in the effort it takes to keep your body healthy will pay off in the long run. Whether you’re a big fan of ellipticals or weight benches, daily exercise lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke and makes everyday activities like carrying groceries easier. Here are a few tricks to help you find the time to exercise.


Work Around Your Schedule

Working out doesn’t have to be a specific one hour in a row every day. When you have other responsibilities, getting to the gym at five every day can be unrealistic. Work out in increments. Fit in fifteen minutes of abs after work, or take your dog for a longer walk than usual. Little bits add up, and something is better than nothing. Of course, if you do have a spare hour in your daily life, make the most of it.

Know What You Like

A lot of what makes a workout successful is knowing your likes and dislikes. Staying motivated becomes easier when you like the exercises you’re taking part in for. For some, that might be cardio. Biking, running, and rowing are your go-to’s. Other prefer strength with the weight machines. Knowing what you like to do streamlines your work out, so you’re making every moment efficient. By understanding what you like and how each exercise affects your body, you’re more likely to see the results you want to see.

Home Gym

For those with especially busy schedules, a home gym is an investment but a worthwhile one. Creating a home gym takes working around your schedule and knowing what you like to the extreme. Home gyms are explicitly designed for your needs. If you want ellipticals, get yourself an elliptical. If you want to gain some muscle, invest in a workout bench. By paying for exactly what you want, you’ll be more willing to put in the effort and stay motivated. Plus, it’s convenience at its finest.


Working out can be a struggle. Finding the time for an effective workout can be even harder. Keep in mind that you can work out around your schedule, or work your schedule around your workout. Other tricks to finding the time for your exercise are knowing what you like, so you waste less time guessing, and creating a home gym to fit your specific needs. For information on workout equipment such as ellipticals, contact Fitness Equipment Maine or visit them online!