Strength or Cardio? What’s Right For Your Routine?

Strength or Cardio? What’s Right For Your Routine?

Whether you’re starting a new exercise routine in the gym or at home, considering what type of exercise will help you reach your goals is imperative. Should you focus on strength training or cardio? Or, perhaps, a combination of both is best suited to your goals. Either way, having the right equipment, like Matrix treadmills or Bodycraft trainers, will help get you there. If you’re not quite sure about what you need or the difference, you’ll want to keep reading!

Strength Training

Strength training refers to using weights or self resistance to increase your muscle strength. This type of exercise is usually slow and requires a focus on breathing and muscles. The best machines for this kind of activity are strength training machines or benches, which provide resistance to movement in order to work your muscles. Pair these with some free weights for a more robust workout.

It’s important to note, strength training can be difficult for beginners. Experts recommend that you begin with an experienced partner. This person can help guide you, as incorrectly lifting weights can cause serious injury. One of the best benefits of strength training is that it’s efficient at burning fat by replacing it with muscle. However, this means that if your goal is solely to lose pounds, this may not be the most effective type of exercise.


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Cardiovascular Training

Cardio is defined as any exercise that elevates your heart rate. Cardio is often associated with constant motion, such as jogging or rowing. Further, consumers have a wide variety of machines available, including Matrix treadmills, ellipticals, or rowing machines. Any of this equipment will raise your heart rate and create a great workout.

Cardio is a great workout for a beginner, experienced, young, or old individual. With the ability to control the machine’s movement and resistance, you can easily go at a pace appropriate for your lifestyle. Cardio training is also an excellent way to burn fat and keep the pounds off.


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Combining the two

For most, the best option for a complete workout is to combine strength training with a cardio routine. Work your muscles with a few repetitions of strength training exercises, and then put in some time on a cardio machine to get your heart rate up. This way, you’ll be gaining muscle while burning fat and gaining the benefits of both types of exercise.


No matter what journey lies ahead, Fitness Equipment Maine is here to help get you there. With the largest showroom of in stock Matrix treadmills, ellipticals, strength machines and more, you can be sure you’ll reach your goals in no time! For more information, contact us today (207) 536-1160.