New Year, New You. Resolutions Are Underway

New Year, New You. Resolutions Are Underway

First, happy new year! We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season, but now it’s time to regroup, refocus, and get to work. Did you know that the most common resolutions made come the new year revolve around fitness? With the first resolution being to engage in more exercise, the second is to lose weight. Lucky you for you, Fitness Equipment Maine is here to help with various Horizon exercise bikes, Landice exercise equipment, and so much more!

Here is a look at how choosing the right equipment for your goals can help you to reach your goals in no time!


Horizon exercise bikes

Living in New England means living with four seasons, some of which keep us indoors. By investing in an exercise bike for your home gym, you’re ensuring you can get in a workout regardless of the weather. Fitness bikes are excellent for toning your legs and glutes, as well as increase cardio function in your respiratory system.


Matrix ellipticals

While fitness bikes are perfect for cardio and lower body training, you may be looking for a total body workout. If so, ellipticals are your answer. These machines get your legs, core, and arms moving to maximize a total body workout. Further, as your whole body gets moving, you’ll notice an intense cardio workout underway too!


matrix ellipticals

Landice treadmills

Familiar to all, nearly every person has owned or used a treadmill at some point. Landice offers various sizes and features to best fit your routine while helping you achieve your goals. As far as fitness equipment goes, treadmills are one of the easiest to use. Many of these machines are equipped with various settings to control speed, incline, and even monitor your heart rate.


Whether you’re interested in Horizon exercise bikes or strength training equipment, at Fitness Equipment Maine, we have what your new year requires! For more information, contact us today (207) 536-1160.