Making Resolutions and Sticking To Them.

Making Resolutions and Sticking To Them.

With the new year only a few days away, resolution season will soon be starting. And, to probably no surprise, the top resolutions revolve around weight loss and getting back into a wellness routine. From exercise to nutrition, the new year is a time for fresh starts. Lucky for you, the experts at Fitness Equipment Maine are here to help with the region’s most extensive inventory of Inspire exercise bikes, Matrix treadmills, and so much more!


While we have the inventory to help you succeed on your wellness journey, there are a few things you should consider before jumping in. Here, our team provides you with a few checklist items to assist you in keeping to that new year’s resolution!


Set realistic goals for yourself.

First, and most importantly, setting attainable goals with realistic timeframes is a must. Most people start off by saying, “I want to lose ‘x’ pounds in ‘x’ months (for example 15 pounds in two months). Generally, the goal is too high for the time set. Starting your fitness journey off with unrealistic goals will only set you up for frustration, disappointment, and ultimately giving up.


Find your motivation.

Another equally important element is finding something, or someone, that keeps you motivated – especially during the cold New England winter. Leaving your warm cozy home to travel to the gym in the freezing cold is not appealing. However, if you partner up with someone, you now have accountability.




Don’t be afraid to try new things.

The time will come when you get bored of the same old routine. Do yourself a favor and avoid this situation by trying new things! Take a new class, invest in a personal trainer, push yourself to new levels – the possibilities are endless and will keep your fitness journey going at full speed!


Give yourself a break.

Finally, remember that you are human – cut yourself some slack. If you don’t reach your goal on a specific date, it’s okay so long as you try your best! If you need a rest day, that’s okay too! Listening to your body and providing it with what it needs is critical to avoiding injury.


Whether your wellness journey begins at home or in the gym, having the right equipment is essential. With Inspire exercise bikes from Fitness Equipment Maine, you can have peace of mind that your workout will be a good one! For more information on the extensive inventory at Fitness Equipment Maine, please visit our showroom at 244 Saint John Street in Portland, Maine.


We look forward to helping your resolutions be successful!