Reach Your Fitness Goals with The Landice Treadmill

Reach Your Fitness Goals with The Landice Treadmill

There are many reasons why your search for the perfect treadmill should end with the Landice Treadmill! Here at Fitness Equipment Maine, we offer a wide selection of fitness equipment for every type of trainer. Whether you’re in need of a cardio routine in your home or you’re looking to accelerate your rehabilitation from home, our staff can help you choose the treadmill that’s right for you. Here are some reasons we love Landice treadmills!

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Landice Treadmill Specs

To date, Landice Treadmills are considered top-rated worldwide! In terms of innovation, Landice offers two treadmill options that are ideal for all types of training: walking, jogging, and the competitive runner. Some of our favorite features include:

  1. Aluminum Framing: Rust-free, aircraft-quality aluminum guaranteed to last a lifetime. This frame offers a maintenance-free reversible deck that can reach an elevation of 15%, with spacious surface options for runners of all sizes. 
  2. VFX Shock Absorption: Being the industry leader in treadmill shock absorption, it’s no surprise that Landice provides optimum shock absorption based off of medical research. You will feet will thank you due to lower impact, optimum comfort, and reliability! 
  3. The Landice “Achieve Panel“: With a large, 9” touchscreen, Landice features include easy-to-read displays, an interactive heart monitor, Bluetooth capability, and a customizable HIIT screen for up to four runners! Includes the functional Landice App and third-party apps like Gymtrakr, Virtual Runner, and KinoMap.exercise equipment

Why We Love Landice Exercise Equipment

We love Landice products because they are built thanks to their commercial-grade quality. Landice equipment is the perfect choice for a variety of residential and commercial gyms, as well as physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. Have an issue with your equipment? *Landice offers lifetime residential warranties and 5-year commercial warranties on all their products. Plus, using a Landice Treadmill on a weekly basis can help with heart health, weight loss, strength, and more! 

*Always check with the original manufacturer for updates on warranties.

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 Purchase Your Landice Treadmill

If you are looking to purchase a Landice treadmill for your home gym or business, visit Fitness Equipment! Our professional staff can answer all your questions while keeping your fitness goals and budget in mind. We offer years of experience with national certifications in strength and conditioning, and we have an on-site Physical Therapist to go over all types of recumbent equipment! We look forward to helping you choose your equipment!

For more information on our inventory of exercise equipment, contact us today! Visit our showroom at 244 Saint John Street in Portland, ME.