What Are The Benefits of Elliptical Machines?

What Are The Benefits of Elliptical Machines?


Ellipticals are often the forgotten exercise machine. Most people go for a treadmill, stationary bike, or stair climber instead. But why is that? Matrix ellipticals are designed for users to run, walk, and climb without putting heavy pressure on their joints. Furthermore, it provides both an upper and lower body workout! If you’re looking to grow your home gym, Fitness Equipment Maine offers premier gym equipment in Portland! So, let’s get into the benefits of elliptical machines!


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Using Matrix Ellipticals.


Ellipticals offer a low-impact workout. Thus, it’s great for people who want to stay fit yet need to be careful about their joints. Further, elliptical machines provide training that can be very light to high intensity! This is because the user fully sets the speed and resistance.


What Muscles Are Used?


Does it surprise you that elliptical machines offer a full-body workout? They work a large variety of muscles in both the upper and lower body. Therefore, they’re not just for leg day! When both the lower and upper body movements are in sync, an elliptical works the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, chest, back, biceps, and triceps. If the elliptical does not have swinging arm handles, the upper body and back muscles will not be utilized.


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Are Ellipticals Good For Cardio?


Short answer? Yes. Ellipticals are considered a good form of exercise and a consistent way to get in cardio. In addition, ellipticals are one of the only low-impact forms of cardio exercise! Thus, they’re great for limiting joint pain and burning calories. Although, if you’re training for a marathon, a treadmill or outdoor running will be the better way to train.


Seeing Results.


Seeing results takes time. No exercise can change your body in a short amount of time. However, with consistent and regular use of Matrix ellipticals, you can expect results in a few weeks. Elliptical training is a less intense workout than others, so it just takes a bit longer before you may notice changes in your physique.



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